Organise your busy life

Calls & Chats

Personal task management,because your time matters

Personal dashboard

Get visibility of all the tasks, reminders and meetings due on a particular day or week

Task centric management

Record all activities against a task, set reminders, attach emails and documents, add stakeholders and contributors, schedule meetings, manage a checklist to keep track of the progress

Key features

Manage tasks organised by date or labels
Take notes
Triage emails
Manage objectives
Send updates to stakeholders
Add reminders to tasks or items linked to a task like emails and notes
Google Apps integration
Evernote integration

Suitable for all types of users

Date planners Structured planning where all tasks have a date on which they will be worked on
Theme organisers Free flowing planning where tasks are organised by labels
Single list stackers Work off a single todo list moving items to the top each day
Mix & Matcher Important tasks get a date, organised backlog by themes, everything else in a todo list

Local & Secure

Stored locally All the data is stored in your computer, not in our servers
Local Backups Daily local backups stored for 7 days
Data backed up to GMail When enabled, your data is backed up to GMail

Simple pricing

Complete FREE 28-day trial to test the benefits of Hower. There are no restrictions during the free trial and no credit-card is required. Hower is supplied under a subscription model that can be paid monthly or yearly.

During the pre-release period, all our beta users will receive 25% discount on the standard pricing if the paid subscription is started before the end of the beta period.
Toggle £ (GBP)/ $ (USD)
betaPaid monthly Renew every month £5.00£3.75 + VAT 25% off standard monthly pricing
betaPaid yearly Renew every 12 months £50.00£37.50 + VAT 2 months free +
25% off standard monthly pricing


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