Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Hower?
    Hower is a desktop application for Windows and Mac OS that aims to assist you with the management of your tasks and todo lists, however they reach you - via email, meeting notes, or on-the-fly actions that come in during the day.

    When integrated with Google Mail and Calendar, Hower will give you complete visibility of your commitments in one place. You can deal with your emails directly from Hower and update all interested parties of the progress of your tasks.
  2. Why should I use Hower?
    To help you improve your work/life balance by being more focussed and relaxed knowing that all your commitments are tracked by Hower.
  3. Why a desktop application and not a website/software-as-a-service?
    We chose to create a local application to reassure you of the safety of your data and allow you continuous use throughout the day, regardless of connectivity status or location. You can choose to make your data available via GMail as individual emails if you require remote access to the data.
  4. Is there a Hower mobile app?
    We've worked really hard to create a desktop app that covers all user's potential requirements. It's deliberately designed to be there during the working day, when you are using your primary work machine and to be less available at night, when you should be resting and relaxing. We may add tablet and mobile apps in the future, but the likelihood is that they will focus on specific functionality, rather than full featured versions of the desktop app.
  5. Can I connect to the calendar and email from Office 365?
    At present we do not offer an integration with Microsoft Office 365. You can register your interest here.
  6. Why should I expense Hower or get my business to pay for it?
    By being more aware of all your commitments through your personal dashboard and reducing the effort required to manage tasks, the business will benefit from you being more prepared to complete the tasks required.
  7. Why do I have to pay every month/year to use Hower?
    To support the continued development of Hower we need to charge a small monthly fee (discounted if you pay for a year at a time). For that, you will receive the latest updates at all times and online support. It is expected that you will regain at least 1 day a month in improved use of your time.
  8. How can I pay for everyone in my business?
    You can pay for just yourself, everyone in a given domain ( or individual email addresses. Renewals will happen at the same time irrespective of when each user joined so you just get one charge in your card for each period. You will only be charged for the users once they join, not for the contacts specified. If you have any questions regarding billing or want more information, please contact support.
  9. Where are you based?
    We are based in the United Kingdom. Hower is a product developed by Hower Limited, registered in England and Wales No. 10055171.
  10. Do you have a question not answered above?
    If you have any questions not covered here please use the form below.